by jaison smith

No Money, Big Dreams: 9 Businesses You Can Start Today Without Any Initial Investment

6. Content Creator

According to research, people are making $10,250 per month from content writing. So, if you have the skill to write engaging content, you can start this business with no money.

5. Podcasting

Podcasting is an easy way to earn passive income every month. All you need to create a top-notch podcast is high-quality content.

4. Freelancing Business

If you have a laptop or computer, internet access, and skills like video editing, graphic design, web development, etc., you can earn lots of money from a freelancing business.

3. Blogging Business

There are around 1.9 billion websites worldwide. Of those, 600 million are blogs. So, start blogging and earn more than a thousand dollars every month

2. Coaching Business

"Launch a profitable online tutoring business with minimal upfront costs. All you need is expertise in a specific field.

1. Start YouTube Channel

After Google, YouTube is a more searchable platform. You can share your expertise with people and earn money from AdSense

No Money, Big Dreams

These are the 6 Businesses You Can Start Today Without Any Initial Investment, and can earn passive income every month...

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